Gorgeous Food Catering

Catering for your Morning Tea , Lunch, Afternoon Tea or Party, pickup from our bakery Monday - Saturday.
 Handmade at Gorgeous Food from the freshest, quality ingredients served garnished attractively in catering disposable boxes.

Please note our prices are GST inclusive.

Sandwiches & Rolls

  • sandwiches made on freshly baked Quality Bakers bread – white & wholemeal.
  • an assortment of delicious, quality fillings.
Sandwiches - per round cut in quarters $6.50 ea
Club Sandwiches - per round cut in thirds or quarters $7.20 ea
Mini Croissant filling (Ham and salsa or smoked chicken with brie and cranberry) $5.00 ea
Filled Roll    - cut in halves $7.50 ea
Ploughmans sandwiches - cut in halves $7.50 ea
Toasted Panini or Bagels  - cut in halves $9.00 ea
Wraps (round tortilla) cut in halves or quarters $8.50 ea
Gluten Free Sandwiches - fresh or toasted - halved $7.50 ea
Asparagus Rolls w/ Cream Cheese  (whole or cut in halves) $3.00 ea
Toasted Cheese & Onion Rollups (whole or cut in halves) $2.50 ea

Freshly Baked and Fingerfood

Muffins     Sweet   or   Savoury Mini: $2.80ea
  Texas: $5.00 ea
 Friand - Gluten & Dairy Free $4.00 ea
Scones -   Date & Cinnamon or  Double Cheese & Chive (served with butter on the side)
$4.00 ea
Plain scone - halved served with jam & fresh cream $2.80 per half
Gorgeous Slices Assorted (cut in half or thirds) $5.00 ea
- Gluten Free $5.50 ea
Cinnamon Cream Oysters $2.50 ea
Biscuits - Afghans, Passion Moments & Gypsy Creams $4.00 ea
Mini Beef Sausage Rolls w/ tomato sauce $1.80 ea
Cocktail Quiches - Ham & Tomato, Smoked chicken & Cranberry or Spinach & Fetta $2.80 ea
Savoury Mince & Cheese Mini Pies $2.80 ea
Lamb Mini Pies topped w/ kumara mash $3.00 ea
Sushi w/ wasabi & soy (Veg or G/Free, please specify) $2.70 ea
Marinated Chicken Nibbles - Spicy & Gluten Free $1.80 ea
Corn Fritters w/ creme fraiche, bacon & sweet chilli $3.00 ea
Potato Rosti w/ Rare Beef or Smoked Chicken $3.00 ea
Mini Frittata w/ kumara, spinach & fetta ( Veg & Gluten Free) $2.80 ea
Fresh Vegetarian Vietnamese Rolls w/ coriander & chilli sauce  (Veg & Gluten Free) $2.70 ea
Fresh Fruit - a selection of seasonal fruit cut into bitesize pieces $3.50 ea

Made to Order Cakes

Spicy Carrot Cake with walnuts, raisins and Cream Cheese icing $38.00 25cm round
  $48.00 large rectangle    
Banana Cake with vanilla butter cream filling, chocolate icing & chopped walnuts
$38.00 25cm round
  $48.00 large rectangle    
Chocolate Mud Cake - Dark & Moist w/ ground almonds. Smothered with Chocolate Ganache $41.00 25 cm round    
  $50.00 Large Round or Rectangle    


  • Gluten Free - add $5.00
  • Writing - add $4.00

Made to Order Family Quiches $25.00 ea

Morning Tea Suggestions - price per person

1 Date Scone, 2 mini sausage rolls, 1 mini Mince & Cheese Pie $9.30p/p
1 club s/w quarter, 1 mini Sausage roll, 1 cocktail quiche, 1/2 Slice $8.40p/p
1 club s/w quarter, 1 cocktail quiche, 1 mini sausage roll, 1 texas Muffin $11.00p/p

Lunch Suggestions - price per person

1 Club s/w (cut in 4), 1 mini sausage roll, 1 cocktail quiche, 1 Slice (cut in 2) $15.60p/p
1 Filled Roll (cut in 2), 1/2 slice , Fresh Fruit $12.90 p/p

Please call us to discuss any special dietary requirements.

Please allow adequate time when ordering to enable us to prepare your food to the highest standard. If you would like more information or would like to place an order please contact us.